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That Would be Me...

*cue Mighty Mouse theme song*

Satyr Sketch:

To write is to tell the Truth

Mystical Malcontent
Professional Pedant
Dramatic Dancer
Shoeless Sensualist
Proud Pagan

Award-Winning Game Designer
Playful Creator of Alternative Realities
Passionate Political Pundit
Happily-Partnered Cuddlesaurus Rex

Possessor of Too Many Books
Occasional Spinner of Flamey Things on Fire

Satyr - aka SatyrPhil Brucato, aka Phil Brucato and so forth - writes, dances, teaches, enjoys old-school tabletop gaming, and listens to more music than God from his snug headquarters on Seattle's Capitol Hill. In affiliation with his partner Damiana, two cats and a tribe of artistic malcontents who are changing the world in small yet significant ways, Satyr strives to inspire folks to want better, be better and demand better than some cookie-cutter vision of consumerist complacency.

To that end, he writes stuff (like lots of short stories and two columns in Realms of Fantasy and newWitch magazines), teaches stuff (at the Art Institute of Seattle), designs stuff (like the award-winning RPGs Mage: The Ascension, Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade and Delieria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium), watches stuff (especially fuck-with-your-head films, vintage classics, foreign cinema and quality genre flicks), listens to stuff (constantly!), and spends far too much time on the Internet.

Recently, Satyr and Dami founded Quiet Thunder Productions, a small publishing company, in order to release the benefit anthology RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY, which they also edited. He's working on a webcomic called String Theory, but it won't be posted until at least 30 installments are ready to post. (Watch this space...) In the meantime, he's writing a serial called Stormada for the virtual magazine Steampunk Tales, shopping a few screenplays, and putting in occasional hours on a surreal urban fantasy novel. Speaking of which, he's gotta get back to work...